Thursday, June 17, 2010

What happened? PT 1.

who can remember last night, let alone the past few months... lets examine shall we?

Naughty Ironic drunk puppet photos....How embarrassing for me.
One requirement of a successful evening is traveling with the right pack of goons. These ones are more than suitable for a girl like me
If you think this man would approach you on the street, grab you by the ear and force you to take Jager shots with him, you are completely correct. And yes, he is rolling around town with an ex roadie for Motley Crue.

Everybody in San Francisco IS hotter than you. It's a fact. I lived there for like five months and I was better looking in those five months than I've ever been in my whole life. Just being there makes you radiate sexy vibes.... see?
No one Should be allowed back into public after going to Hard French... too much day drinking and dancing can make you act a fool.
I mean... if you don't believe me watch this:
This girl seemed really nice...

These girls don't. 

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